We offer the best value and the most efficient Network for Cargo and Courier and for Cargo Nationalization between Venezuela and the USA.

  Whether sending or receiving courier or cargo, P.O. Box Air International provides a solution for your shipping needs in record time and at the best prices.   Based in Miami, this company offers a center for for the Reception, Coordination and Dispatch of courier and/or cargo.   When importing or exporting your product, Poba Aduana offers guaranteed quality service from point of departure to final destination.  

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Welcome to your transport company!.

We are the most efficient and economical transportation network and freight and documentationNationalization between Venezuela and the United States of America.

Our companies provide Logistical Cargo Transport, Post Office Boxes, Customs Agents and the most efficient efficient Distribution Network.

Relax, you can trust us with your cargo, mail and nationalization needs.

Important TSA Information
It is expressly agreed between the parties that “THE CUSTOMER” will without question that all loads delivered to the address of the “COMPANY”, will be reviewed carefully to  ascertain the veracity  of its contents,  so that we can meet the TSA guidelines (Transportation Security Administration), in accordance with 49 Code of Federal Regulated 1548.7 (d) 5-2.2G IACSSP change.